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Enjoy Vol.83 - 2012.01.30

Enjoy Vol. 83

「Do you watch?」

The first record in 2012.

Concerts behind the usual schedule + shooting the drama, I can relax.

(I think that I can not relax.. (^_^;))

Everybody, do you watch the drama??

Lucky Seven

With each episode, all the more interesting, please take a look (^-^)/

Me too, I also enjoy ~

I am so happy that I'm doing it every day full of fun.

The shooting is being smoothly (^0^).

But on the set is cold ー(^_^;)

ロケ先が川沿いとかが多いせいか、風が強くてね 笑
Most places are shooting close to the river, and there is wind (laughs).

Wind always ~

But I really enjoy shooting.

We are moving on the set, but when playing a scene together, many things change ...

So I'm working with a fresh feeling.

The joint interaction occurs as if on stage, all practiced their own.

劇団ラッキーセブンって感じです 笑
It's like theater Lucky Seven (laughs).

I look forward to further development!

Please wait too (^-^)/

I will write again~

So cold, do not catch cold.

Enjoy Vol.81

original text

「Thank you」

Getting cold ~。
You will not catch cold?

How did you spend this month?
As for me、I often visit the same place I play。
Five years later I was back on stage。 I spend my time just magnificently (^о^)
Each time a different atmosphere、how I should play、 there's time to think about different issues。
The next day、we did everything with all of the stuff、
All the faces had a sense of satisfaction from the work performed、
I realized that this is a very fun place。

3 more times to play with Shinzi。
I want to remake it for yourself!!

And in November, we finally released the single (^_^)/
Meikyuu Love Song
I love it (^о^)
At the end of the year we will have the opportunity to sing this song, please look this wait~

I would like to thank those people who bought Nippon no Arashi and went on Waku Waku Gakkou。
I think you should communicate your feelings!
But alone you can not make a big deal
Hopefully in the future you will do what can be done。

Now in fact the cold season。
I hope that you care about your health。。。

1 month to the end of the year。
In December, will be added the regular show、 by the end of the year will show the performance on stage and Kohaku。
I'll try~(^_^)/