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This is mine

"All you need is love...Love is all you need."(c)The Beatles

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lyuba (リユバちゃん)
I have been interested in Japan, and all that it involves, including the Japanese =) I've been studying it for 3 years =)
I'm also fond of drawing. Now paint portraits of people =)

I love to watch movies, I try to follow all the novelties, both domestic and foreign. I often can be found in the cinema.

Also, I watch the news .. I'm interested in politics and economy.

I love music. The most different. I listen to music everywhere, always and everywhere. I am not confined to any one style of music. I love to learn something new, also in music. Different directions are always interesting to me.

If you are interested in something, then ask! =) I will answer with pleasure. I am interested to communicate and meet new people.

Social capital

  • less than 10