January 31st, 2012

Enjoy Vol.83 - 2012.01.30

Enjoy Vol. 83

「Do you watch?」

The first record in 2012.

Concerts behind the usual schedule + shooting the drama, I can relax.

(I think that I can not relax.. (^_^;))

Everybody, do you watch the drama??

Lucky Seven

With each episode, all the more interesting, please take a look (^-^)/

Me too, I also enjoy ~

I am so happy that I'm doing it every day full of fun.

The shooting is being smoothly (^0^).

But on the set is cold ー(^_^;)

ロケ先が川沿いとかが多いせいか、風が強くてね 笑
Most places are shooting close to the river, and there is wind (laughs).

Wind always ~

But I really enjoy shooting.

We are moving on the set, but when playing a scene together, many things change ...

So I'm working with a fresh feeling.

The joint interaction occurs as if on stage, all practiced their own.

劇団ラッキーセブンって感じです 笑
It's like theater Lucky Seven (laughs).

I look forward to further development!

Please wait too (^-^)/

I will write again~

So cold, do not catch cold.

Game Nikki Vol. 99

Translation from japanese: @.addict
Translation to English: me

Collapse )

Game Nikki x (Record 99)

They say that falling asleep while sitting at Kotatsu - dangerously ...
Because the glands may stick together ...
I've been thinking, how the glands may stick together ...?
A sensation of dryness, and the feeling that your tongue prevents you
For me to sleep while sitting at kotatsu have another meaning of the danger ...
Time passes so quickly that you think ... aa ~ sorry for the time spent in sleep, something like that.
It seems that time passes slowly, and it's good
I expected that Satoshi-san say something, but he certainly would not say anything ...

Or if he say it will - "I do not know yet..."
although it may all be wrong ...
In any case, I'm waiting for the next release of Nikki

Game Nikki X Vol. 100

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Game Nikki X (record 100)

Well, Ninomiya-san, that's it's time to talk about Satoshi-sama ...
Because Kazunari-kun from the family Ninomiya ... (and so?)
However, it is not just gathered all his works, but also accompanied the opening of his own exhibition ...
And vice versa ...
Opening of personal exhibition was accompanied by a collection of his works
(Note: だしょ って ... here it is very nice slip of the tongue, the correct English translation is not, sorry ^ ^)
This is one of the first exhibitions held among Jonnis
Well ~ according to the information available to the Nino-san, in the process of creating his works have been taken into account suggestions from members of Arashi
(here I mean a piece of private life Stoshi-san) ...
In fact, I would like to see this place after (exhibition) ... because I know very well what the fans think ...
Of course I wanted to buy something that I had to buy, but then it turned into excessive joy
So, the most sensational person what will tell us ...
What will this week @ word from Satoshi-san ....
Talking about majority... People are equal ...
Whatever it was ... yet he a born genius ... did not understand at all me, a commoner ...
Why then, I decided to go to the J-WEB, and saw the opening of his own exhibition ...
There was set a record that - "Resolved, to open a own exhibition on the occasion of the collection of works" FREESTYLE ""
Ara ... But everything turned out exactly as Ninomiya-san said ... (sweat)
He accompanied his exhibition ...
Okay, more importantly, that he did, and thanks for that ... (oh)